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Some of the ADR & Dubbing projects.


What is ADR?

ADR, also known as Automated Dialogue Replacement or looping, is a process whereby the performer re-records his dialogue in synchronization with the visual. ADR is often confused with the term, Dubbing, which means replacing native dialogues into a different language.


Why ADR?

Does your production sound have a really loud background noise, which affects the dialogue and sound editing process? Or is it all too late to realise your actor fluffed up a word in a "perfect take", when you are in the midst of post-production? ADR will solve all these problems, ensuring the best audio and performance quality, all done in a controlled studio environment.


Myth and Phobia of ADR

Many filmmakers and directors have phobia of doing ADR, simply because they had bad experiences with it. For example, performances are not on par with what they had recorded on set; ADR sounded too “studio-like”, or the fact that it just doesn’t sound right and natural.

Using equipments that are widely used in the production field will ensure the audio quality is able to match with the production sound. The right techniques and knowledge, combined with the experiences from working with various film directors and actors, will guarantee the recording to be perfect. 



Short video presentation on basic ADR recording techniques by the Homers.



“After 15 years in the TV/Film business, I believe ADR is one of the most challenging parts of post. I vouch fully that the guys at Home Studio, understand the finer points of ADR to get solid performances with air tight sync. They are the go to guys when you need to do any ADR or full dubbing work.”

Christian Lee, Director at BananaMana Films

Award Winning Director / Producer / Actor / Voice-Over Artist


“It’s great doing ADR with Jesper because he has a way of making the actors feel comfortable and when they are at ease, they become more confident. I really appreciate this as a director because the whole ADR session becomes a breeze.”
Michelle Chong, Director/Actress

Already Famous《一泡而红》/  3 Peas In A Pod《他她他》/ Lulu The Movie 《露露的电影》


“ADR is one of the most unwanted options in filmmaking as we can never replicate the same sound quality that is recorded live. However, Home Studio has the required technical skills and awareness to go into details in resolving such tricky scenarios; and the unique personal touches of the sound engineers also allow the talent to slip back into character comfortably. Definitely one of the go-to post audio houses in the region.”
Wang Guoshen, Director

Judgment Day《世界末日》


“The atmosphere is so pleasant that always make me feel like going home. You are treated professionally yet guided by an even more professional ~ Jesper Zeng. Every breath matters to him. He is an artist of his art. Thank You Home Studio”
Jalyn Han, Actress

Already Famous《一泡而红》/  Judgment Day《世界末日》/  Scrum!《冲锋》


“Home Studio always makes our dramas sound so good with their professional and friendly touch!”
Ang Aik Heng, Producer at Threesixzero Productions

The Promise《向日葵的约定》 /  Secret Garden《秘密花 园》/  Jump!《跳浪》/


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