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Virtual Reality Device

Click Here For Reel.

For best experience:

  • View on YouTube platform with Google Chrome web browser.

  • Put on VR Headset.

  • Listen with Headphones.

Embarking on a 360º / VR Video Project?

We are here to assist you with our audio-post production services.


Below are some technical tips and information             for your reference:


  • Do provide us with information regarding which platform(s) you are releasing your project on (i.e. Youtube, Oculus, Facebook etc..).


  • If you have any delivery/publishing specifications for the platform(s) you are targeting, please provide them to us before we begin work on the project.


  • We strictly work on finalised visual edit / edit-locked / pic-locked version only.




Recommended Video Format:

- Resolution: 4k (3840 x 1920 mono or 3840 x 3840 stereo)

- Video Container: MP4

- Video Codec: H.264 Progressive Scan

- Bitrate: 20 Megabits per second

- Please include burn-in timecode (BITC) overlay/counter in the visual.



Audio Guidelines:

- Please provide us with an embedded AAF or OMF containing any audio synced with the visuals.

- Preferably, include 8seconds or 200 frames of handles for the audio files when exporting.

- Sample rate and bit depth will vary with different platforms. If unsure, please provide us with 24bit, 48kHz audio.

- If your project’s audio includes any recorded spatial audio, do inform us of what format it is in (i.e. Quad, B-format FuMa or ambiX). If available, please provide us with a log of any rotation to the visuals made during the edit.



Delivery Format:

Depending on the platform, we can provide a variety of ambisonic formats, with or without head lock track (a static audio track that doesn’t move with head tracking). Some of the common formats include:



- B-format First Order ambiX 

- B-format First Order ambiX + Stereo Head Lock 



- B-format First Order ambiX 

- Second Order ambiX + Stereo Head Lock       



- Two Big Ears (.tbe) + Head Lock  



If you have other requirements for a different platform (Samsung VR, GoPro VR, HTC Vive etc..), please contact us with details so we can better understand what service we can provide. These include formats like:


B-format First Order FuMa:  

- Oculus 

- Wwise           



- Samsung VR



- Samsung VR     



- Samsung VR

- HTC Vive


Higher Order Ambisonic:  

- GoPro VR            

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